Green Vancouver?

Some people tend to focus on the terrifying realities that is global warming, to scare people into recycling and saving energy. Although the facts of what is happening to our globe are earth shattering (no pun intended… or was it?) let’s take a moment to realize that we are doing an amazing job in working towards a greener future.
Did you know that Vancouver has the lowest per-capita carbon footprint of any major North American city? Our green house gas emissions are actually on a DECLINE, and we have the greenest neighbourhood in North America (South East False Creek, Olympic Village). Please excuse me as I burst with pride. I love reading about other cities who are aiming for a greener footprint and mention Vancouver as the city to beat. For example, in this article from Green City Times that bluntly lays out how we intend to do it:

  1. create 20,000 new green jobs and become a center for green business
  2. reduce carbon emissions by 33% compared to 2007, and become a leading city in fighting climate change
  3. increase the use of renewable energy, and reduce the demand for energy (over 90% of the city’s energy already is mostly hydroelectricity,
  4. all new industrial/ municipal construction to be carbon-neutral, improve efficiency of existing buildings by 20%

Oh… yes! there’s more… visit their site for the full list Green City Times.
People noticed when we set our sights even higher and made an action plan to have Vancouver be the greenest city in the world in 2020. I’m excited to find out our progression and to keep you updated.
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