It’s inevitable that most Commercial Cleaning Service providers have all by now incorporated Green practices in their business as Environmental awareness is becoming more noticeable nowadays, especially with the catchphrase “going green” is becoming more popular. It is something that almost everyone nowadays gravitates towards in one way or another, from big and small businesses. Entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of the impact of this movement on people, and that is why they are jumping on the green bandwagon.
Environmental awareness can be practiced in many ways, and one feasible and easy way for companies to do this is by switching to a Green Certified Janitorial services provider.

Sounds like a simple and responsible thing to do right?, however, some companies worry about the costs involved when considering the services of a cleaning company, let alone, one that is “Green Clean Certified” because the notion that it is too expensive and will eat into their profits is just not true. The good news is that while it is true, one would need to shell some money it’s really not that much more that you’d think and in the long run the rewards far outweigh the costs.

Hiring an environmental friendly cleaning service is good, not only for your customers but also to your employees. Did you know that a building can emit 36% more acceptable to VOC contamination up to two hours after cleaning?  A green service provider will use products that are not harmful to the earth and enhance the indoor air quality to create a healthy working environment promoting good health to your customers and your staff. Having a healthy work place has been proven to also reduce employee sick days with can lead to possible liabilities or work delays.

Using green products will also give the cleaning service staff some peace of mind knowing that the products they use are less likely to do harm while carrying out their regular cleaning tasks. Aside from all these benefits, using a green janitorial service promotes environmental awareness to your customers and your employees. The best reason to incorporate a Green Cleaning Service is the huge benefits to the environment as the obvious reason would be less contamination from hazardous cleaning chemicals, but having a certification also means that the Company is committed to reducing their carbon foot print in more ways than one and that my friends… will benefit our local communities and also globally as well.







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